2023 / 3 / 15
"Sakura VirtualFes 2024" will be held from March 15th to March 31st.
2023 / 3 / 15
The new contents have been opened.

Virtual Osaka: Introducing the Contents Introducing the Contents

Kurenai no Keikoku

Welcome to a town rich in nature, where beautiful autumn foliage and the impressive force of waterfalls await, and a giant Daruma greets you. Join the mini Daruma for a memorable photo at the extraordinary Minoh "Super" Waterfall.

Taisai no Tou

A bustling festival space brimming with Osaka's delights, including traditional floats, takoyaki, and a Ferris wheel. Utilize the unique jump stands scattered around to reach the highest level.


Let's walk through beautiful streets, feeling the history and culture of Osaka. Try the Yokai catching game and collect all kinds!


Go for a walk to see the landmarks in Osaka and enjoy the unique sceneries. The adventure park is also opened. Walk in the world unique to Osaka and the typical landmarks in Osaka.


Observe the massive Tower of the Sun standing in the middle of the Virtual Osaka entrance, from various angles.

Government contents

Check various information about Osaka, including promotional material on the Osaka Pavilion that will be presented at the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.


A new Osaka that creates and promotes the charms of Osaka

“City of Emergence” is the theme of Virtual Osaka. We aim to create and promote the charms of Osaka via the new experiences and expressions of individuals, from an assembly of people with diverse backgrounds, transcending age, gender, and nationality.

Rather than limiting this initiative to the virtual world, we will create synergy with the real city of Osaka, producing new appeal for Osaka and driving better change.

In preparation for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai and the future beyond, to remain as a venue to promote the charms of Osaka and of Japan to the world.

Virtual Osaka will continuously update areas and contents along with users, proposing a new urban experience to the entire world.


EXPO'70 movie

Exterior of Osaka Pavilion


How to enjoy Virtual Osaka Virtual Osaka

How to enter

Admission is free. You can enter from your device of choice. Use the smartphone app for easy admission.

  • ※ We recommend downloading in a location with good reception or fast internet.
  • ※ Virtual Osaka can be accessed from your device of choice, such as a smartphone, PC (Windows/Mac) or VR device. To participate, you will need to create a free Cluster account and install the Cluster app.
  • ※ Admission may be restricted depending on the time of day. Please wait for a while and try again.
  • ※ Playing for a long period of time may result in your device (smartphone, PC, VR device etc.) overheating. This should not affect the user experience, but if you are concerned, please close the Cluster app and let your device rest.
  • ※ The contents of Virtual Osaka are subject to change without prior notice.


Download the Cluster apps

First, download the free Cluster app. (For the best user experience, we recommend iPhone X or newer models for iOS, and Google Pixel 3 or newer models for Android.)

Open the app
from the Virtual Osaka page

Tap “DIVE.” Read and consent the precautions, then tap “Go and play.”

Create a Cluster account

Open the Cluster app and create an account. You can use your Apple ID, Google, Twitter or Facebook account.

Choose an avatar
and enter Virtual Osaka!

Choose your avatar, press OK, and enter Virtual Osaka!


Download and install the appropriate Cluster app

Download and install the appropriate Cluster app for your device. After that, follow the same instructions as those provided for smartphones.

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